Need to know the basics about toolmaking?

Toolmaking is the foundation of Ashden Industries. This is where we started and it remains a very important part of the business underpinning the exceptional service that we can provide.

We understand that customers need to make design changes as products evolve, especially in the first months of production.This is a very fragile phase for the customer as generally there are a million things to be done from advertising and packaging, sales etc and it is a time where you don't want to see negativity from a supplier causing you more stress.

As a dedicated , small business, this is where Ashden Industries stands out from the crowd as you will find us very accommodating, positive and willing to please. We know that the more successful your product is, the more successful your sales, and the more orders you will place.

Anything that can be done to ensure the success of your product will be happily done with a minimum of fuss from us and at a very reasonable price.

For mass production -  We suggest multi-cavity plastic injection moulds with hardened inserts, hot runners and interchangeable spare parts. Expensive moulds with cheap plastic part costs.

For regular production of approx 10 000 parts per month  - We offer good quality plastic injection moulds, probably 4 or 8 cavity, certain wearing parts hardened and parts gated with hot runner or sub gates.Optimum mould/part cost discussed with the customer.

For Low production of 2000 parts per 6 months - We would look at plastic injection moulds made with good quality mould steels but probably not hardened, parts sub gated or tab gated.

For very low volume, some parts of the product may be reworked so that slides and expensive ejection systems are not needed ie holes drilled, slots machined etc in order to keep injection mould costs down.  Cheap mould/more expensive part prices.